About us

For over 30 years, Plexidas Group has been serving the Shipping Industry as a general Ship Supplier, in the heart of Piraeus Port in Greece.

Starting as a family business, and maintaining this philosophy up to now, the two brothers George Plexidas and Dimitris Plexidas , as owners , they managed to create a strong bond with major foreign and Greek shipping companies.

The company began with the Provisions supply of all types of vessels and later on with the knowledge of Mr. George Plexidas, as a former engineer, it expanded its business in marine stores supply, technical stores, and all kind of vessel’s consumables.

With the high quality of services and products we made our name as a reliable Ship chandler, standing by the side of the Ship owners during the rough and easy times of Shipping.

Nowadays we are proud of combining the experience and knowledge of the old generation, with the air and passion of the new generation.

As a result we have upgraded our services, widened our range of products in stores and provisions, and adjusted our prices, to maintain our position as a competitive but above all trustworthy supplier in Piraeus.